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Monday, June 28

8:15am PDT

Newbies Meet & Greet
Welcome to World Tea Expo! if you have never attended or just want to see what is happening please come and ask questions and get acquainted with some of the staff:
FaithAnn Bailes - Conference & Content Mgr. WTE
Tim McLucas - VP & Market Leader, Hospitality Market Hospitality Group
Lisa Richardson - Education Manager
Sales & Marketing Group

We are doing this just before the conference kicks off so you will still have time to attend the early sessions.

We will help you with sessions that seem to fit your needs or might be of interest to you. We will have a few drawings and lots of information for all.

avatar for Tim McLucas

Tim McLucas

VP & Market Leader, Questex
VP & Market Leader Hospitality Market, Hospitality Group
avatar for Faith Bailes

Faith Bailes

Content & Conference Mgr., Questex/World Tea Expo
FaithAnn Bailes is the Co-Founder of Take Me 2 Tea in 2003 and later rebranded as World Tea Expo.  Her current role is Content and Conference Mgr. for World Tea Expo & Questex.She has been involved in the tea industry for over 20 years.
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Lisa Richardson

Online Education Manager, Questex
Lisa Richardson is the Online Education Manager for World Tea Academy. She has studied and traveled the globe researching and learning from masters about tea. Since forming Lisa Knows Tea in 2000, she has consulted with companies in product line development, worked with several Fortune... Read More →

Monday June 28, 2021 8:15am - 9:00am PDT
Room S232

10:30am PDT

Importing Tea: Navigating Customs
Importing from source is an appealing concept. Yet, in reality, navigating the world of customs regulations can be daunting and overwhelming. As an attorney and tea importer, Jeni Dodd will unravel the mysteries of clearing customs and offer tips for a successful customs experience.

1. Analyze whether you really want to import directly from source
2. Determine if you should hire an import agent or be your own agent
3. How to make your customs experience as easy as possible.

avatar for Jeni Dodd

Jeni Dodd

Owner, Jeni Dodd Tea
Born and raised in America’s heartland, Jeni Dodd has journeyed far afield from the plains of Kansas to remote tea-growing regions throughout the world in search of the perfect cup of tea.  She has visited all of the major, as well as many of the up-and-coming, tea-producing countries... Read More →

Monday June 28, 2021 10:30am - 11:30am PDT
Room S232

1:00pm PDT

The Kombucha Tea Revolution and Its Future
Kombucha went from an ancient secret to a household name almost overnight.  In today's markets there term "Kombucha" can mean anything from a non-tea-based soda alternative to a high-alcohol beer or wine.  This ambiguous title makes it complicated for buyers and sellers, as well as, manufacturers and those bringing their new trendy beverage to market.

1) Encouraging small & large businesses to be creative and take risks.
2) Educating producers & consumers on what Kombucha truly is and the critical role tea has in its success.
3) Expanding horizons for tea lovers & crafters into the infinity possibilities of preservation!

avatar for Joshua James Weigel

Joshua James Weigel

Co-Founder & CEO, Living Tea
Also known as “The Kombucha Doctor” Josh has been at the forefront of the kombucha industry for nearly a decade. Manufacturing & selling over a million gallons of kombucha in the Southern California region, Josh continues to nurture this emerging “symbiotic culture” in both... Read More →

Monday June 28, 2021 1:00pm - 2:00pm PDT
Room S232

2:30pm PDT

Tea Trends of the Future
Tea Trends will speak to the trends and innovations within the tea space and how they relate to a more cultural wellness trend explaining how lifestyle shifts impact what moods, flavors, packaging, benefits consumers are looking for in tea.

- Lifestyle shifts and big picture wellness trends
- Tea trends in ingredients, flavors, packaging
-Consumers Wants in the Tea world

avatar for Melissa Hago

Melissa Hago

Creative Director, Fashion Snoops
Fashion Snoops is an innovative trend forecasting platform and consultancy that inspires clients to create with confidence. For over 15 years Fashion Snoops has been guiding Fortune 500 and world-class companies in fashion, home decor, beauty/personal care, accessories, automotive... Read More →

Monday June 28, 2021 2:30pm - 3:30pm PDT
Room S232

4:00pm PDT

Sustainable vs. Certified: Understanding Sustainable Tea Sourcing & Trends
In a fast-moving world, brands only have a few short seconds or paid minutes to educate their consumers. Tea has fallen behind other product categories by relying on flavor, price, & labels to drive consumer habits.  Herein lies a unique opportunity for the tea industry to educate consumers on why they should care about the wonderful world of tea and what lies beyond labels and certifications.

The difference between true sustainability/traceability and certifications in the tea market

avatar for Art Lopez

Art Lopez

Marketing Director, Tea, Finlays
Art Lopez has been a budding tea expert since his first days at Finlays, a leading independent B2B supplier of tea, coffee, and botanical solutions to beverage brand owners worldwide. Art’s passion and enthusiasm for tea began nearly 10 years ago when he started his career at Finlays... Read More →

Monday June 28, 2021 4:00pm - 5:00pm PDT
Room S232
Tuesday, June 29

10:30am PDT

Baby Steps of Tea Blending
Learn the basics to create your own blends. This is for beginners and the first steps in making your own blends. What works and what doesn't work in tea blending.

avatar for Chris MacNitt

Chris MacNitt

Tea Development Lead, Starbucks
Chris Johnston/MacnittChris Johnston started his tea journey at eight years old and grew up in his family’s tea business. Steeped in passion, he joined Teas Etc. at nineteen to develop their tea blends and manage their raw material quality. While working for Teas Etc. In 2016, he... Read More →

Tuesday June 29, 2021 10:30am - 11:30am PDT
Room S232

1:00pm PDT

The Wild Expanse of Indian Tea: Hang onto your tastebuds!
This session features highlights of terroir and flavor design for pan-Indian teas, applicable to the consumer, tearoom owner and hotelier alike.

1. A greater understanding of terroir and reasons to buy teas from areas beyond Darjeeling and Assam (while also exploring the variation of new specialty teas from these areas).
2. How to navigate the complex world of procuring Indian tea for beginners and tearoom owners.
3. Three tips on ordering the RIGHT kind of tea for you, your business or project.

avatar for Amy Dubin

Amy Dubin

Owner, Janam Tea
Amy established Janam Tea in 2004 to showcase the rich array of teas produced in India, which she experienced firsthand during her self-guided travels. She began developing her palate as a teenager and came to tea appreciation by way of wine and whiskey. In 1994, she graduated in... Read More →

Tuesday June 29, 2021 1:00pm - 2:00pm PDT
Room S232

4:00pm PDT

Popular Herbs and Their Uses
A 5000-year Secret Chinese people believed that Emperor Shennong discovered tea and other herbs 5000 years ago. Herbs have played a very important role in Eastern medicine. In recent years, more and more people adopt this ancient holistic lifestyle using gentle herbs to maintain their health. In this class, proper usage of herbs will be explored and discussed. 5 unique recipes of herbal teas created by a Chinese doctor will also be presented and tasted.

Knowledge of some popular herbs
Knowledge of proper use of herbs
Recipes of herbal teas that help with anxiety, sleeplessness, hair loss, lack of energy and etc

avatar for Sally Wei

Sally Wei

Founder, Sally's Parlor
Sally Wei is an accomplished classical pianist and holds a Doctorate in Musical Arts. As musicians strive for perfection, Sally found equal passions in her enjoyment of tea and is a Certified Tea Sommelier.Trained in Taiwan and England, Sally embraces these two tea cultures through... Read More →

Tuesday June 29, 2021 4:00pm - 5:00pm PDT
Room S232
Wednesday, June 30

10:30am PDT

E-Commerce for Tea Brands: How to Drive Online Tea Sales
Staci Brinkman, Founder and CEO of Sips by, will discuss how COVID has changed customer behavior when it comes to purchasing tea and how tea brands big and small can reimagine their marketing strategies and e-commerce platforms to capture online sales. From social media to awareness marketing to personalized e-commerce and the importance of UI/UX design, Staci will walk brands through Sips by’s online e-commerce strategies and share the secrets to success in online tea sales. Learn how to build your Instagram audience, when to embrace digital advertising, where and how you can build an online presence, and how to create a meaningful connection with customers in an online environment.
Where and how to build an online sales presence for tea brands; shifts in customer behavior during and post-COVID and how to reimagine marketing strategies based on those shifts; how to build an Instagram audience

avatar for Staci Brinkman

Staci Brinkman

Founder, Sips by
Staci Brinkman founded Sips by to make tea fun, personalized, and affordable. With hundreds of thousands of tea-drinking Members and millions of personalized tea matches made, she has done just that! In 2020, Forbes covered Staci’s founder story in an article entitled “How 1 Woman... Read More →

Wednesday June 30, 2021 10:30am - 11:30am PDT
Room S232

12:00pm PDT

That Personal Touch: Hosting Guided Tea Tastings
Good tea tastes even better when it is shared amongst friends!  Tap into that connection to enhance your guided tea tastings and to curate a personalized tea experience.  Work towards increased customer loyalty through the thoughtful presentation of your company’s favorite teas.  This session addresses the practical points of creating an experience for your customers both virtual and in-person while addressing avenues toward connecting with your customers on a human level. 

1.  Customer experience as a path to customer loyalty.
2.  Practical ideas for structuring the in-person or online event.  
3.  Enhancing audience/customer interaction using performance principles.

avatar for Rebecca Grzeskowiak

Rebecca Grzeskowiak

Wholesale Liaison, The Tea Smith
Rebecca has been with The Tea Smith for 8 years, sharing a passion for tea with our retail and wholesale customers alike. Not only is she passionate about tea education for all, but she has also worked to create many of our own newer blends. She also offers the unique opportunity... Read More →

Wednesday June 30, 2021 12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT
Room S232

1:30pm PDT

Creative Marketing Strategies on a Budget
In this interactive session, you'll learn how to use your business resources and partners instead of marketing dollars to grow your tea business.  We will share real-world successes and failures from our own experience of over 15 years in the tea industry.
Learn where and how to reach new customers.

Hear ideas on how to re-engage previous customers.

Learn how to build loyalty with your current customers.

avatar for Katherine Kern

Katherine Kern

Founding Partner, Churchill's Fine Teas
Katherine is a Certified Tea Professional and Sommelier (WTA) who has lived, worked, and traveled extensively across Europe and Asia, experiencing and learning about tea ceremonies, production methods, and culture first hand. She holds an MBA from Cass Business School in London and... Read More →

Wednesday June 30, 2021 1:30pm - 2:30pm PDT
Room S232
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