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Monday, June 28

10:30am PDT

Importing Tea: Navigating Customs
Importing from source is an appealing concept. Yet, in reality, navigating the world of customs regulations can be daunting and overwhelming. As an attorney and tea importer, Jeni Dodd will unravel the mysteries of clearing customs and offer tips for a successful customs experience.

1. Analyze whether you really want to import directly from source
2. Determine if you should hire an import agent or be your own agent
3. How to make your customs experience as easy as possible.

avatar for Jeni Dodd

Jeni Dodd

Owner, Jeni Dodd Tea
Born and raised in America’s heartland, Jeni Dodd has journeyed far afield from the plains of Kansas to remote tea-growing regions throughout the world in search of the perfect cup of tea.  She has visited all of the major, as well as many of the up-and-coming, tea-producing countries... Read More →

Monday June 28, 2021 10:30am - 11:30am PDT
Room S232

1:00pm PDT

The Kombucha Tea Revolution and Its Future
Kombucha went from an ancient secret to a household name almost overnight.  In today's markets there term "Kombucha" can mean anything from a non-tea-based soda alternative to a high-alcohol beer or wine.  This ambiguous title makes it complicated for buyers and sellers, as well as, manufacturers and those bringing their new trendy beverage to market.

1) Encouraging small & large businesses to be creative and take risks.
2) Educating producers & consumers on what Kombucha truly is and the critical role tea has in its success.
3) Expanding horizons for tea lovers & crafters into the infinity possibilities of preservation!

avatar for Joshua James Weigel

Joshua James Weigel

Co-Founder & CEO, Living Tea
Also known as “The Kombucha Doctor” Josh has been at the forefront of the kombucha industry for nearly a decade. Manufacturing & selling over a million gallons of kombucha in the Southern California region, Josh continues to nurture this emerging “symbiotic culture” in both... Read More →

Monday June 28, 2021 1:00pm - 2:00pm PDT
Room S232

2:30pm PDT

Tea Trends of the Future
Tea Trends will speak to the trends and innovations within the tea space and how they relate to a more cultural wellness trend explaining how lifestyle shifts impact what moods, flavors, packaging, benefits consumers are looking for in tea.

- Lifestyle shifts and big picture wellness trends
- Tea trends in ingredients, flavors, packaging
-Consumers Wants in the Tea world

avatar for Melissa Hago

Melissa Hago

Creative Director, Fashion Snoops
Fashion Snoops is an innovative trend forecasting platform and consultancy that inspires clients to create with confidence. For over 15 years Fashion Snoops has been guiding Fortune 500 and world-class companies in fashion, home decor, beauty/personal care, accessories, automotive... Read More →

Monday June 28, 2021 2:30pm - 3:30pm PDT
Room S232

4:00pm PDT

Sustainable vs. Certified: Understanding Sustainable Tea Sourcing & Trends
In a fast-moving world, brands only have a few short seconds or paid minutes to educate their consumers. Tea has fallen behind other product categories by relying on flavor, price, & labels to drive consumer habits.  Herein lies a unique opportunity for the tea industry to educate consumers on why they should care about the wonderful world of tea and what lies beyond labels and certifications.

The difference between true sustainability/traceability and certifications in the tea market

avatar for Art Lopez

Art Lopez

Marketing Director, Tea, Finlays
Art Lopez has been a budding tea expert since his first days at Finlays, a leading independent B2B supplier of tea, coffee, and botanical solutions to beverage brand owners worldwide. Art’s passion and enthusiasm for tea began nearly 10 years ago when he started his career at Finlays... Read More →

Monday June 28, 2021 4:00pm - 5:00pm PDT
Room S232
Tuesday, June 29

9:00am PDT

Farm to Teacup
This session will focus on working directly with growers to source herbs and botanicals for tea blends. We will discuss how to generate effective and lasting grower-buyer relationships directly with farmers and growers, how to incorporate unique herbs and botanicals into your blends based on what is in season and explore the importance of transparency in the industry so that consumers know where their tea ingredients come from.

1- Creating lasting grower/buyer relationships
2- Understanding the importance of knowing where our botanicals come from, and providing transparency for the consumer
3- Maintaining Sustainability in sourcing and working to create value chains for regional economies

avatar for Jessi Dean

Jessi Dean

Founder & CEO, Asheville Tea Company

Tuesday June 29, 2021 9:00am - 10:00am PDT
Room S229 Room S229

10:30am PDT

Starting a RTD Tea: From Crop to Can
Inspiration to start something new, to have more insight, and feel prepared to grow an existing or new venture. A better understanding of the market/industry and especially doing business in the grocery channel for RTD tea. Access to new resources for participants.

avatar for Sara Delaney

Sara Delaney

Founder & CEO, 3 Mountains/Sarilla Sparkling & Tima Tea
Sara Delaney is an award-winning beverage creator, TedX Speaker, and is the Founding CEO of 3 Mountains, a social enterprise that owns two CPG brands, Sarilla Sparkling and Tîma Tea. She has been partnering with the people of Rwanda since 2007, sourcing premium-grade camellia sinensis... Read More →

Tuesday June 29, 2021 10:30am - 11:30am PDT
Room S229 Room S229
Wednesday, June 30

9:00am PDT

Creative Ways to Monetize Tea Offerings
Due to Covid, we all had to make adjustments and get extra creative with our businesses.  Urban Tea Party was positioned when Covid hit to monetize several offerings and pivot quickly into rolling out new offerings for the individual and corporate clients resulting in record growth.
Attendees will leave the session with: - A greater comfort in the strategy of failing fast, getting the lesson and moving on quickly! - Ways to explore creativity in connecting with your customers and creating new offerings. - Ways to connect deeper with existing customers and finding new customers where you least expect to. -

avatar for Sherolyn Sellers

Sherolyn Sellers

Founder/Owner, Urban Tea Party
Since 2006, Sherolyn Sellers has served as the TEO of the Urban Tea Party located in Atlanta, GA.  Her mission as TEO is to normalize the daily tea experience, especially for black women.  The Urban Tea Party is the essence of Sisterhood, Spirituality, and Soul.  In today's session... Read More →

Wednesday June 30, 2021 9:00am - 10:00am PDT
Room S230 Room S230

10:30am PDT

Hemp Trends in the Tea Industry
Tamera will cover things like using raw hemp flower and leaves, water-soluble additives for Tea and Coffee Houses to increase profits and compliance challenges to watch out for.

avatar for Tamera Rice

Tamera Rice

President / CEO, Hemp Sail / SLV Hemp Distribution
Tamera Rice is CEO of Hemp Sail, an ingredient supply chain solutions company for the hemp industry. Tamera brings over 20 years of sales and distribution experience to help companies find reliable and compliant hemp-based ingredients.  Her company was a first in USDA Certified Organic... Read More →

Wednesday June 30, 2021 10:30am - 11:30am PDT
Room S230 Room S230

12:00pm PDT

Cocktail Culture Evolved: Tea Behind The Bar
In describing “how to make punch of any sort in perfection,” the father of American Mixology, Jerry Thomas, in 1862, suggests in How to Mix Drinks, that “using tea instead of water is the grand secret”.  When perfection is the goal, tea is the answer. However, to allow tea to shine when combined with other ingredients it is crucial to have an understanding of the unique personality of each tea.
Zero proof, low proof and wellness beverages represent an innovative opportunity for the tea industry. This opportunity lies in introducing tea-based drinks relevant to these growing consumer trends, but success is based on learning the correct tea preparation techniques for use in mixology. Join Adrienne Etkin in this exploration of the versatile nature of tea.

Attendees will:
-Discuss current beverage trends in the hospitality sector
-Identify preparation techniques for tea for use in mixology
-Learn to create new products for new markets

avatar for Adrienne Etkin

Adrienne Etkin

Co-Founder, Admari
Adrienne Etkin is the co-founder of Admari, a tea, and botanicals company that began in 2007 with a brick-and-mortar location in New Jersey, USA. In 2010, Admari shifted operations to Miami, Florida where she also launched a division that curates tea experiences and tea educational... Read More →

Wednesday June 30, 2021 12:00pm - 12:40pm PDT
Recording in Room S233 Recording in Room S233

1:30pm PDT

Direct Trading: Past Present and the Future
We hear Direct Trade a lot in Tea. What does it actually mean? Is it a certification? Who is it regulated by? How did it start and where is it headed? Is it the same in the US and in Europe and other parts of the world? We will explore the inception of the term “direct trade” in the coffee industry and understand how it flourished quite differently in the US and in Europe all the while trying to find similar trends in the tea industry. Explore the lessons learned from the coffee industry and identify some practical measures to make it a success in the tea industry.
Learning Objectives:
Understand what “Direct Trading” really means, how it started and how it is going currently.
Analyze the case of “Direct Trade Coffee” and understand parallels to the tea industry
Learn about the advantages and challenges of direct trading and identify if it is right for you as a business

avatar for Nishchal (Nish) Banskota

Nishchal (Nish) Banskota

Owner, Nepal Tea
Nishchal Banskota is a 2nd generation tea producer and the founder of Nepal Tea which directly brings certified organic teas from Nepal to the American market. His vision is to create a tech-enabled transparent tea trade that bridges the gap between the primary producers and consumers... Read More →

Wednesday June 30, 2021 1:30pm - 2:30pm PDT
Room S230 Room S230
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